It all starts with a seed.......

We begin seeding our vegetable starts in our heated propagation greenhouse early in February.  This seeding continues throughout the growing season producing healthy plants to be set out in our fields and greenhouses.  We believe using healthy seedlings gives us a much needed jump on the season and also on weed pressure in the field.  For this reason, we grow and transplant seedlings as much as possible.  

Healthy seedlings is only part of  producing fresh organic vegetables, soil health being even more important.  Here at Sol Gardens we think of ourselves as soil farmers because without a healthy soil, nothing would grow.  We institute cover crops;  crops grown for the specific reason to reduce weeds, prevent erosion and leaching of nutrients, and build organic matter when these crops are eventually tilled back into the soil.  We rotate our crops on a three year rotation in order to confuse bugs, prevent disease, and also to prevent soil depletion.  Manure from our cows is applied yearly and compost is applied as needed to help our soil maintain its health and high level of production.   We even make efforts to clean most of our vegetables in the field in order to leave crop residue that will later help build soil body.  

All of our efforts have led us to producing what we believe are the freshest and cleanest vegetables in our area.