It all starts with a calf........

It is a miracle every time.  Our USDA Certified Organic Black Angus cattle are carefully taken care of from the beginning.  We allow ample time in the field for our cows to birth naturally and bond immediately.  Once we see that both mother and calf are doing well, we separate them from the herd in order to insure bonding and to allow us to monitor the health of both animals.  Calves are carried to the barn in my arms, no loud machines to disrupt this important time.  We believe that time away from the herd is important but reintroduction is equally important.  Separation generally lasts a couple of days, then we reintroduce mother and calf back to the herd.  

Our cows are rotated intensively on 1 acre pastures every couple of days.  Our 5 pastures in turn have ample time to rest and regenerate before grazing resumes.  So much movement and interaction produces cows that are friendly and easier to manage.  It also allows for lots of rubs and pets.  

In winter, the cows routine changes.  With pastures ready to rest, we move the cows to our "sacrifice" pasture.  This pasture is used throughout the winter and because of this abuse is replanted each spring.  Cows are led into the barn at night and have access to our USDA Certified Organic hay both inside and out.  When morning comes, cows are led back out and the "pen" is cleaned, manure removed and piled to compost for later use in our gardens.

We care for these cows for just under two years when they then are ready to be processed.  At this time we market our cows direct to consumer in the form of 1/4s and 1/2s.  We are confident that these animals have lived a happy and healthy life with us, though it can be hard to see them go.