Black Freedom Rangers


It all startes when…

We receive our first batch Black Freedom Ranger day old chicks in mid-April.  After a brief trip from the post office to the farm, chicks are put in a brooder in our barn.  Heat lamps, bedding, and plenty of food and water greet them here at Sol.  The chicks will spend anywhere from 3-4 weeks in this controlled environment, allowing them to grow healthy and strong, and preparing them for a life on pasture.  When their feathers have grown in and the weather is stable, they are moved to chicken "tractors", moveable pens, where they will spend the remainder of their time.

Our chicken tractors are 8' by 12' and each houses around 37 birds.  The chickens are raised on our USDA Certified Organic pastures, and "tractors" are moved twice daily or as needed to prevent overgrazing and allow an ample food supply.  The chickens are also given a daily ration of Certified Organic Growers Mix grain to help them gain weight and stay healthy.  

Unlike factory farmed chickens which will reach weights of up to 6 pounds in 6-8 weeks, our heritage breed birds average around 4-5 pounds in 11 weeks.  Our birds have freedom of movement and are provided an environment that mimics their natural environment closely.  The result is a more flavorful, safe, clean, bird that we can be proud to provide for our customers.  

We raise two batches of 75 USDA Certified Organic Black Freedom Ranger broiler chickens per season and pre-sell them direct to consumer via a sign-up sheet at our farmers markets.