It all starts with a chicken or is it an egg…

We also raise a mixed flock of around 40 USDA Certified Organic laying hens at Sol Gardens.  The diversity in our hens allows for a beautiful array of colors in our flock and our eggs.  We built our coop on a trailer and we utilize electric poultry netting to keep the birds safe from predators.  Like everything on our farm, the coop is moved every two weeks or as needed to allow pastures to rest and regenerate.  These hens have ample room to run, play, forage and grow here at Sol.  They are provided a ration of USDA Certified Organic grain to keep them healthy and laying.  We usually keep our hens for 2 years, replacing half the flock each Spring in order to provide our customers a steady supply of USDA Certified Organic eggs.  

Eggs are sold from the farm, by appointment.  See our contact information to get in touch.